August 3, 2016

Back to school 2016: helping your school community succeed together

August 3, 2016

We hope you had a restful summer, because another school year is right around the corner. For many of you, back-to-school prep has already started. It's only August, but we've heard from teachers getting classes ready for new students as well as school leaders eager to try features like schoolwide messaging.And no matter where you are or what you do, we noticed that there's one thing you all have in common: Every educator we talk to is excited about connecting with others to help their community succeed.So it's no surprise that we're getting questions about the best way to bring Remind to an entire school. How can a teacher introduce a school leader to Remind? Are there handouts or presentations for sharing? What's the difference between signing up as a teacher and as an administrator?As always, we're here to help. And today, we're launching a back-to-school challenge for the Remind community.


The Community Challenge

Over the next two months, check your email for resources, tips, and stories to help you make your case. In October, we'll recognize schools that lead both regionally and nationally in adoption, communication, and participation.Ready to start the conversation at your school? Head over to our brand new community page and join the movement.