July 14, 2014

Coaching with Remind: team communication

July 14, 2014

Photo credit: Mockingbird Sports

Are you looking for an effective way to communicate with parents and student athletes? Well, I have the answer for you…Remind! I have been utilizing the power of this communication tool for quite some time now, and it is the most effective and efficient compared to others that I have tried. I used it both as an educator and as a coach and I continue to use it as a high school administrator.

I, along with many other coaches in my district, have flocked to this tool and have found it to be extremely successful when trying to communicate with a group. Athletic and physical education programs—from football to wrestling to swimming—are all using this service to share updates and connect with group members. Here are some of the ways coaches that coaches use Remind:

Remind allows coaches to:

  • Send important announcements to athletes and parents with regards to schedule changes.
  • Send links to videos and articles on motivation or information specific to their sports.
  • Send out reminders of important events like parent meetings and study table sessions.
  • Send information to parents reminding them of important events like senior night.
  • Send information to a small group of athletes instead of the entire team. Useful when wanting to communicate with captains or just a small selection of the team.
  • Have athletes sign up for a new group for communication purposes during team trips like summer camps.
  • Communicate with past members of team by creating an alumni group.
  • Send information athletes may have lost or missed at a meeting like camp fliers or picture forms.
  • Send important paper work to parents such as physical forms or team apparel ordering information.
  • Enter entire season schedule and send out reminders to group members reminding them of competition dates.

Since Remind is a communication tool that sends messages directly to a student athlete’s phone, it proves to be very effective. As a coach, you can also sign up as a member of the group to ensure that your athletes are receiving the messages.

Below are just some of the examples of how the wrestling coaches use Remind at Bettendorf High School in Iowa.