August 26, 2014

Establishing communication at the start of the year

August 26, 2014

As you're settling into your classrooms during the first few weeks of school, it's important to establish strong communication with students and parents that will carry on throughout the rest of the school year. Setting up a Remind class is a great way to reach students and parents on the mobile devices they use most: their cell phones. Long gone are the days of manually collecting parents' and students' personal contact information into spreadsheets!

With Remind, students and parents can subscribe to your classes and personal contact information is never exchanged. The more students and parents that are subscribed to your Remind class, the more effective your messages are! What are some of the best ways to get students and parents to join your Remind class? Try out some of these ideas with your class during back-to-school.

Directions during back-to-school night

Print out or e-mail directions to sign up for your Remind class and review them during back-to-school night or parent-teacher conferences. You can also project directions onto the board during a presentation.

Parent letters

E-mail or send home a parent letter at the beginning of the school year explaining Remind and how to sign up. We've even saved you time by having the letter ready for you!

Flyers around the school

Leave directions for your Remind class at the front office and put them up in the hallways of the school. That way, students and parents will see directions to sign up for your class even when they're not in your classroom!

Class website

Post your Remind class code on your class or school website. You can also add a widget of your live Remind messages to your site so that parents and students can see the important messages they could be receiving!

Social media

Tweet your Remind class code and attach PDF instructions to sign up from your school or class account or post it to your school Facebook page. (You can also share them in other languages!)

Invite students and parents via e-mail or phone number

Already have students' and parents' contact information? Invite them to join your Remind class by sending them a direct link via e-mail or text in your account. Note: Students and parents will not see your personal phone number or e-mail address when you send this invitation.

Incentivize parents with fun classroom photos

Send classroom, school event, and field trip photos to parents who are signed up. Other parents will sign up in order to see and share those photos!

Find more resources and share your strategies

What are some of the ways you invite parents and students to join your Remind class? Share them with us using #RemindInvite on Twitter and Facebook and get a chance to be featured on our blog! Also, be sure to check out our resources page for more resources to share Remind with your school.