Stay on top of what’s happening at school

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, get important school updates right on your phone.

Get the information you need

Set up notifications so you never miss a homework assignment or permission slip.

I appreciate the messages that let me ask about a specific moment from the school day. They've helped change the conversation with my child at home.


Stay organized

Keep updates, reminders, and other communication all in one place.

I use Remind for every aspect of my education, from academics to extracurriculars to my role as the cofounder of a nonprofit organization.


A direct line to your teachers

Get help when you need it, even when you’re not at school.

Before Remind, if a parent wanted to see me, they had to call the school and wait to be connected to my office—and I might not have gotten their message for hours.

Online learning that meets your student where they are

Like getting personalized math help directly from your child’s favorite teacher—at home and when you need it.