3 Steps to Getting Started

Best Practices

Remind helps you reach students and parents where they are: their phones. To get started, just follow these three simple steps.

Step 1: Create an account

You'll need an email address or phone number for this step. After you enter your information, you'll be prompted to finish setting up your account.

Linking to your school helps you connect with others using Remind at your school. It also makes it easier for them to find and join your classes.

Create a Remind class for each group you’d like to reach, such as different class periods, parents who speak certain languages, or extracurricular activities.

Step 2: Add people to your class

If you have cell phone numbers or email addresses, you can add people directly. They'll receive easy-to-follow instructions for joining your class.

Or, you can ask people to text your class code to the phone number 81010*. Every class code is unique, like @math101.

*For US residents only.

Step 3: Start sending messages

Now, you're ready to send your first message! Try sending a welcome message to your entire class to let them know how you'll be using Remind.

You can also start conversations with individuals or groups of up to 10 people. Set your office hours to show them the best times to reach you, and disable replies when a conversation comes to an end.