The Remind Plan

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Bring Remind to your entire organization

Change how your community thinks about communication with a Remind plan.

Get every family involved

With Remind, you can reach everyone in your community—no matter their resources. Educators can send messages instantly from their phone or computers in 90+ languages, while students and families have the option of receiving messages by text, smartphone notification, or email.

A Remind plan lets you reach every family by uploading class and student information directly from your roster system. Community engagement statistics also help you see and support the hardest-to-reach families in your community.

Meaningful communication doesn't have to be hard

Remind plans make it easier than ever to encourage meaningful communication at your school. Long messages allow teachers to compose messages of up to 600 characters—the most-requested feature on Remind. Voice calls can reach any cellphone or landline without showing personal phone numbers, and Remind automatically documents the date and time of all calls.

Supporting student success

Meaningful communication makes an impact on student performance—especially when you can reach every family in your community. Organizations use Remind to improve attendance, extend learning beyond the classroom, work with parents to implement intervention strategies, and more.

[.c-tip]“The challenge for teachers using individual Remind accounts is making sure everyone signs up. Now that we’re on a Remind plan, my teachers are able to connect with parents on a regular basis.”

P.A. White, principal at Leal Elementary School[.c-tip]

Protect your community

Everyone in your district shares accountability with automatically documented messages, voice calls, and participants. A Remind plan includes:

Communication logs
Advanced controls
Personal privacy