Using Remind in the Classroom


Looking for ideas? Try these teacher-tested tips for using Remind in your classroom.


  1. Schedule reminders about meeting times and locations for classes, club meetings, sports practices, and more.– Colin W., Iowa
  2. Send permission slips, classroom documents, and other files straight to students' and parents' phones. – Suzanne Q., Maryland
  3. Take photos of class activities or notes on the board and share them with students and parents.– Alicia F., South Carolina
  4. Schedule reminders about assignment deadlines.– Todd N., Texas
  5. Send students warm-up questions and trivia before class.– Catlin T., California
  6. Send students links to outside resources like articles, videos, and more. – John D., Arizona
  7. Send students messages of encouragement and affirmations for their hard work. – Wheatley D., Michigan
  8. Send daily homework assignments.– Michelle Z., Virginia
  9. Send colleagues professional development tips and resources. – Steve F., New Jersey
  10. Send parents conversation starters about what their children are learning in class.– Dan K., Minnesota